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Pickup and Delivery Process

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

When creating dish / meal, you have following options for food to reach your customer.

1) Pickup

- Customer will go to your pickup address to collect the food.

- You can indicate Pickup address at your place or public place if you do not wish customer to go to your house.

- We encourage you to have pickup option for customer as some of them live close to you and would like to save cost on delivery.

2) Delivery

Automated delivery system is launched. What this means to you as a home chef is you can concentrate on and do what you do best which is cooking. The hommyliciouz system will do the heavy lifting in taking orders for you, handling payments, scheduling delivery. All you have to worry about now is to ensure quality, safety and taste of food is at its best.

Below are 4 simple steps in the automated delivery system. As you can see, hommyliciouz take away all steps from you leaving only Step 3. Which is cooking.

Once you have an order, you will be notified through push notification and email. You can see in My Bookings, detail of the order. You will also be able to see if you need to do delivery or it will be handled by hommyliciouz.

Home Chef Delivery

- Home chef can indicate delivery distance that home chef is comfortable with. The shortest distance available is 100m.

- Home Chef will be paid a flat rate of $2 for delivery.

- There will be an indication in "My Booking" for Home Chef Delivery.

Tip: You can press on address to launch navigation app like Google map to assist in delivery.

Hommyliciouz 3rd Party Delivery

- Hommyliciouz will assist you with delivery beyond the distance you specified. For example if you specify 100m, customer who orders your food to be delivered to location beyond 100m will be covered by Hommyliciouz delivery.

- Customer is charged according to distance and payment will be to hommyliciouz as we are doing the delivery for you.

- The address you specified is now pickup address for delivery rider, please ensure that it is accurate with unit number filled.

- There will be no delivery payment to home chef as the delivery is done by 3rd party.

- There will be an indication in "My Booking" for 3rd Party Delivery.

- Please note that delivery rider is scheduled to arrive 30mins before the order time. For example, if customer order food to be delivered at 6pm, the delivery rider will arrive at home chef pickup location 30mins prior which is 530pm.

- To group food together in one delivery, try not to have multiple delivery time selection, example 5pm, 6pm, 7pm.

- To give sufficient time for delivery rider to accept, set preparation time to 2 hours and above.

Note: As delivery distance set during creation of dish/meal determines whether the delivery is done by yourself or Hommyliciouz, it is important set all dish/meal with same distance to your preference.

Note: Pickup address is the address you set in My profile --> My location. Ensure that address is complete with unit number to ease delivery.

Preorder Vs. Same day delivery (Adhoc)

Preorder, delivery in advance (order made on previous day or before)

- Delivery will be scheduled at 7am on the delivery day.

- Rider will arrive and pick up food 30 mins before customer order time.

Same day delivery (Adhoc)

- For orders placed and to be delivered on same day, riders will be scheduled immediately. You can check out rider's details and communicate with rider directly.

Delivery riders work hard to earn a living and the mode of transport are usually motorbike to keep cost low for customers. The number of riders will be much lesser during rainy season and delivery may be delayed. When a rider cancel the order, the system will immediately poll to look for next rider. You can see this details in My Booking page.



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