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Chef Shahnaaz from Executive Chef to Home Chef

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Chef Shahnaaz is an aspiring, passionate and decisive chef. She recently decided to start her own business from her own kitchen and has been on board Hommyliciouz after 15 years working as executive chef in various hotels and fine dining restaurants.

She is committed to perfection in every dish she cooks. Her strong mind and resilient attitude has sheltered her through the years as a sole breadwinner who has successfully raised a son and a daughter.

Chef Shahnaaz grew up in a Cantonese family who cooks 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner. Her parents and grandmother are great home cooks, they strive for perfection in every dish with precise control of the cooking time, temperature, and seasoning.

This has inspired Chef Shahnaaz into this profession. Chef Shanaaz has 7 siblings and when they were young the family would gather in the living room, chit chatting and watching TV, while she started helping out in the kitchen developing her passion at tender age of 5, chopping onions and garlic.

Having been spoilt with good food by the excellent cooks in the family, her palate is trained and refined over the years as she sets high expectations and standards from the food that she puts in her mouth. Cooking is in her blood and her life passion.

She specializes in French, Italian as well as Asian food and has 15 years of experience as an executive chef in fine dining restaurants and Hotels in Singapore. With her strong palate, her culinary skills stretch far beyond and not just limited to these cuisines, in her own kitchen she also enjoys cooking Indian and Chinese cuisines.

Below are some of her works of art that will make your saliva dripping just by looking at them.

Customers have praised her food for their excellent taste and presentation. Very few can disagree, just by merely looking at her dishes below.

Why did Chef Shahnaaz decided to embark on exciting journey as a home chef? Here's what she said.

Working for myself is most fulfilling living experience. I have learnt many lessons over this pandemic. In Summary, Life is short, give it a shot for ourselves.

Punggol residents are very lucky and will be delighted that Chef Shahnaaz is your neighbor. She is offering her specialties on Hommyliciouz platform now at a surprisingly affordable price.

This promotional launch price will not last, download the app from this link on your mobile phone, browse and order from her full menu now. Don't miss out!



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