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8 Steps to Successful Home Chef Business in Singapore

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

In the past year, I've interviewed close to 150 home chefs, understand their pain, worry and the secret to their success. One thing a handful of successful home chefs didn’t do when we entered circuit breaker is to give up, relax and watch NETFLIX. Instead, they saw this as an opportunity, to grow with the booming online food industry, and have even worked harder and now have a sustainable customer base since.

Here’s the deal

What you are about to discover is the successful home chef secrets compiled into one easy to follow steps for you to begin.

Hi, I am Maine Soh, I empower home chefs and stay at home moms to earn a sustainable income without having to worry about delivery and customers having food poisoning.

Hommyliciouz is a platform that empowers home chefs to have complete flexibility to sell when they are available (eg. during weekends only), adjust appropriate preparation time to allow sufficient time to purchase ingredients and cooking and adjusting the desired amount of food you plan to sell so there is NO over order too little ingredients or time. All these without having to worry about high startup costs and food poisoning.

Have you seen a boring restaurant menu with no pictures and you walked away even though the price is ok and you have not tasted the food? Have you thought what is the reason? That’s right, your menu is absolutely critical to your success.

Find out how you can build a successful menu with a variety of dishes with correct pricing. Discover if Home Chef business is legal in Singapore and what qualifications do you need to start?

What if I tell you, you can Start for FREE? That's right zero cost and we will not only provide guidance along the journey but do timely and appropriate marketing for you to reach out to customers in your area. You will also discover the 8 Steps to start your journey to be a successful homechef in Singapore.

Testimonials from Happy Home Chefs and Customers

Lilian Tan is a stay at home mom, Thermomix advisor and also an ex-stewardess. She has 2 beautiful kids and when they are at school, she likes cooking and preparing food for them. At the same time, she can cook a little more and sell to her neighbours.

Find out how she can sell her food in pockets of time she has in between sending and picking kids from school and easily upload a dish in less than 5 minutes on the Hommyliciouz app!

From Executive Chef to Home Chef, bringing fine dining close to home with more affordable price. Chef Shanaaz has more than 15 years of experience under her belt working in fine dining restaurants and hotel.

Browse some food offered by our home chefs. Get the Hommyliciouz app from Google Play or App Store.

8 STEPS to Start a Successful Home Chef Business E-book. (worth $197)

In this e-book, we cover

· The qualifications necessary to be a home chef and how you can get the certification for FREE.

· Home cook food ideas for complete Newbie.

· How to take food photos like a pro-instagrammer using only your mobile phone.

· How to Price your food for Success.

· Delivery and pickup considerations.

· Food packaging considerations.

· Preparation time and food availability.

· Building a Successful Restaurant Menu.

Simply download our app and login, we will send the e-book to the email you login with OR register as home chefs to get a FREE copy of our e-book.

In addition, when you register now as home chef in the link below, we will be providing a 5 day Facebook and Instagram Advertisement worth $97 to you for FREE to help you kickstart your home chef journey. Yes its not a typo but we only offer this to first 50 home chefs who register with us every month.

Simply REGISTER AS HOME CHEF NOW and our experienced team and mobile app will do the heavy lifting in making your home based business process a breeze for you.



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