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5 Ways To Earn Extra Income During Phase 2

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Has the news for returning to “Phase 2” disrupted your plan for mother’s day or even the celebration of Hari Raya?

For me, my family has decided to cancel our restaurant reservation. Instead, we plan to have our mother’s day celebration at home to avoid the crowd

We have been enjoying the relaxed restriction of phase 3 since December till the recent rise in Covid-19 cases within the community.

Even with vaccination, our hospital cluster at Tan Tock Seng has indeed served as a reminder that the global pandemic is still active and evolving. As such, this has inevitably forced Singapore to return to “Phase 2” to curb the further spread of the virus.

The tighter measures will be effective for three weeks from today, 8 May 2021 till 30 May 2021.

During our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong May Day speech, our PM has shared his hopes to avoid another round of circuit breakers in consideration of the tremendous economic impact in Singapore.

However, our Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has also informed us that Singapore has not ruled out the possibility of another “circuit breaker in view of the spike of the cases in the community.

From this, it is clear that many industries will continue to face challenges as long as Covid-19 continues to maintain a grip on South East Asia.

Yet, there is one thing that is certain. Covid-19 has definitely bought about the massive digital adoption spurt. As such, I strongly encourage everyone to embrace the new norms of digitalization.

New norms to remote world accelerates trends in digital markets

In preparation for the worse, in this article, I will be sharing 5 sectors that you can dive yourself in immediately to ride on this booming trend

1) Online education

Teaching online allows you to reach out to the target audience not only in Singapore but also globally. Students can come from various backgrounds and geographical areas as long as they have an internet connection.

Another beauty of online teaching is that you can start teaching from any location such as home, café or co-working space.

You can start teaching any topic that you are good at and start earning from your online teaching through teaching platforms such as Udemy, skillshare or Opensesame.

2) Be an influencer/blogger

We cannot deny that marketing strategy has evolved. Instead of the traditional marketing of farming flyers and putting up physical banners, many companies have turned to influencer marketing as their mainstream marketing tactics.

Being an influencer has become a lucrative job. Here is the chart that shows exactly how much an influencer is being paid in Singapore. If you are inspired to be an influencer or blogger, you can proceed to start your Instagram or YouTube channel

3) Online Retailing

Since most people are trying to avoid crowded places like shopping malls, many have turned to shop online instead.

I am someone who used to enjoy shopping. Before any purchase, I would like to feel, touch and ensure there is no defect before purchasing. I have to admit my shopping behaviour has changed.

As purchasing online has become so easy and convenient, I have been spending a lot more shopping online. Buying things ranging from groceries, beauty products, fashion or even electronic products is now just some clicks away.

Many retailers have shut their shops and converted their business to selling products online. By doing that, they saved on their rental cost and eventually allow them to price their product competitively.

You can start your online business simply by signing up for an account at Shopify or Amazon.

4) Delivery services

Delivery services being the complimentary services for online retailing, it has shown the same upward trend in Singapore.

According to the CNA report, the E-commerce platform Lazada experienced a spike in bulk buying and large orders, especially through its grocery service RedMart.

As we move back to phase 2, more people will be working at home as part of the business continuity plan. A similar trend would be expected. If you plan to be a delivery rider, the chart below will be useful for you.

5) Online Food delivery

Our essential food industry has likewise shifted to a new norm trend. The common sight of a family gathering at hawker centres or restaurants has changed to online ordering food.

My elderly mom who is not used to order food online is left with no choice but to learn how to order food online. Thus, home-cooked food delivery has heated up since the circuit breaker.

During the last circuit breaker when we spent more time at home, did you pick up new cooking skills? I remembered myself roasting different styles of chicken on daily basis. My son has gained 8kg during a short span of the circuit breaker.

If you have a speciality dish that you would like to flaunt and earn an income as a home chef, you can sell it through this mobile platform Hommyliciouz. You do not need to rent a stall or a restaurant, therefore there is a $0 start-up cost.

In addition, there is complete peace of mind with its insurance coverage of up to $250k. Homechefs are able to earn a decent amount of up to $3000 a month.


I hope the above sharing has given you some tips on how you can earn extra income.

If you are an extrovert and has no camera shy issue, I would encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to join the online teaching and being an influencer.

On the other hand, if you are an introvert and your preference remains to be minimal communication with customers, you will feel more comfortable getting yourself into online retailing, delivery services and being a home chef.

I am happy to share more should you need more clarification, feel free to WhatsApp me at 90625229

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